1.Only Wash with Water in Car Wash!

Just washing regularly with water is enough to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle and keep the effects of the coating.

Pour the water to get rid of dirt such as dust by shower. Lightly rub with car wash sponge.

2.Only Wipe off with BG Water Repellent Maintenance Cloth!

Use "Water Repellent Maintenance Cloth" when wipe off after car washing with water, Not only maintain water repellency but also remove the dirt easily. Wiping off after washing with water also will be able to be easy.

Once soaked with the water then wring out firmly. Afterwards, wipe off the body like a normal towel.

3.When Adheres Stubborn Dirt

Bird Dropping, Sap, Dead Bugs, Pitch and Tar, Pollen, Yellow Sand
In case of adhering hardened bird dropping, sap, dead bug, tar, pollen, yellow sand and so on, put the wet towel, pour boiling water (more than 80℃) on the towel and well penetrated.
Warm by dryer 5-10 min to keep the high temperature. After getting rid of towel, wash with the water again.

In case of applying difficulity or cannot detamine the condition, please inquiry to detailing shop.
*Beware of getting burned when applying.

4.About Car Washing Machine

After 1 month have passed after coating, available to use only water-washing course by car wash machine. When use car wash machine, wipe off firmly with water repellent maintenance cloth as well.

* Besure to wipe of water after car wash or rain, otherwise some components in the water may remain and become white.

* Do not use wax in shampoo, scratch remover, abrasive component, wax containing organic solvent and coating agent may damage coating layer.

* In case of repairing by bodywork or re-painting, inquiry the detailing shop where you have applied coating before.

* Recommend to wash with car by hand, because dark color car may stand out brush mark.