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Combine state of art chemical technology and a lot of experience SOFT99 has been developed in car chemical market since 1954, this is what one and only professional glass based coating brand "G'ZOX".

Feature of "G'ZOX" Glass Based Coating PERFORMANCE

"G'ZOX" is glass based coating agent which adds water repellency to create high durability and water beading effect. In Japan, professional coating is classified as polymer coating and glass based coating. Polymer coating mainly combines wax ingredient, it doesn't not occurs chemical reaction. This is why shine, gloss and durability are inferior to glass based coating. Meanwhile glass based coating creates hard layer by chemical reaction, it creates high layer hardness and durability. Glass based coating layer is similar with glass molecular structure, basically well known as hydrophilic performance. SOFT99 succeeded in combining water repellency into glass based coating molecular structure, to be high anti foul, water repellency, weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, glossiness effect.

  • Sealant/ Polymer Coating
    Sealant/ Polymer Coating
    Main ingredient is wax. It is not reactive, therefore gloss, shineess and dulability is inferior to glass based coating.
  • Glass Based Coating
    Glass Based Coating
    Formed coating layer is reactive to be harden. Compare with sealant type, durability, gloss and shinness performance is higher. Also molecular structure is similar with glass, thus coating layer become hydrophilic.
  • G'ZOX Coating
    G'ZOX Coating
    SOFT99 succeed in Glass based coating's molecular structure with water repellent mixture by long time investigate. This makes not only glass based coating has but also create excellent water repellency.

High Technology Respond to Pro's Demand DEVELOPMENT

To meet the ever-growing demands and needs of master detailers around the world, we pour all our efforts into research and development, and refine every discovery and new technology into the multifunctional coatings of G'ZOX.
Be amazed by the incredible gloss of Real Glass Coat - Class M, mesmerised by the powerful water-repellent power of Class R, and experience the satisfying sheeting ability of Class H. Reaching the pinnacle of coating technology, Hi-MOHS Coat - The Edge and The Glow lead the world in coating innovation with dual-layer protection featuring unprecedented repellency and depth of gloss. Experience the pinnacle of coating technology with G'ZOX!

  • Double Layer Structure Glass Based Coating
  • Water Repellent Type Coating
  • Water Sheeting Glass Based Coating

G'ZOX Recognized from Overseas Market WORLD WIDE

"G'ZOX" Glass Based Coat is not only based in Japan, but also in overseas market as high value performance. SOFT99 cooperates with local distributor to operate G'ZOX detailing shop over 10 years, now expand over 100 shops with skilful stuffs.

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