A new world of quality.

Our multi-award-winning flagship coating Hi-MOHS COAT debuted in 2009, and now the time has come for a complete renewel to integrate the latest in coating technology. Two new dual-layer coatings have been born, boasting the most impressive properties in the history of G'ZOX.

An ultra hard glass layer boasting 8 on the Mohs scale defines a new era with its powerful,
durable hydrophobicity, and dizzyingly deep gloss.

Breathtakingly deep gloss

A two layer coating with Mohs hardness 8 boasting the most incredible gloss in G'ZOX range.
A new world of gloss-enhancement technology: Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow.

The most advanced chemical technology produces a sublime gloss and clear,
bright shine reminiscent of an ultra-sharp, highly burnished katana.


Dual-layer high-gloss glass coating

The Base Coat makes use of a powerful polymerisation process to create an ultra-hard, highly durable glass barrier. The Top Coat reacts with the Base Coat to create an upper layer with amazing gloss-enhancement properties and unprecedented durability. A premium dual-layer coating system.

Even freshly polished paint looks dull in comparison

The Top Coat of Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow uses a newly developed technology to form a glass coating of unprecedented thickness, far surpassing anything that has come before with a powerful gloss enhancing effect that is obvious to the naked eye.

Conventional product


JIS test plate polished with compound and coated on the right hand half.

The Glow's unique water-sheeting properties

Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow forms a powerful coating optimised to promote sheeting of water to provide long-term protection against water spots and stains.

Long-lasting anti-fouling effect

As well as forming a powerful barrier, The Glow features a unique water-sheeting capability that massively reduces the amount of water that remains on the surface. This combines with anti-adhesion properties to make a highly effective anti-fouling solution that can be washed easily with just water.



To test the adhesion of dust, a bonnet is covered with JIS test dust. The anti-adhesive properties of The Glow cause less dust to accumulate.



The bonnet is then rinsed with a shower hose (no scrubbing) and the results evaluated. The anti-adhesive properties of The Glow cause dust to be far easier to remove.

One year later,
it is still almost as shiny. Incredible durability.


Even in harsh environmental conditions, the highly-durable layer of Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow provides long-term gloss-enhancement and protection.

Xenon arc lamp accelerated weathering test (JIS-K2396)

Xenon arc lamp accelerated weathering test (JIS-K2396)

This test examines the change in hydrophobicity (contact angle) at regular intervals over a course of artificial accelerated weather conditions, simulating the effects of sunlight, rain, humidity, etc. After the equivalent of one year of outside exposure (1800h of testing), there is essentially no change in gloss retention levels, demonstrating the incredible durability of Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow.

Data are representative values.