A Patron Saint of Status Exceeding Car Coating Range

This deep gloss reminds reminiscent of celadon's glaze. The best performance in G'ZOX achieve unconventional water, oil repellency and dirt prevention double layer high purity glass based coating.

Apply "Condenced Primer Coat" on super smooth surface by pro's base treatment. After temporal curing, apply "Super Water Repellent Coat" on top. Cross linked reaction creates inexperience barrier coat "Hi-MOHS COAT".

Incomparable Water Repellency WATER PROOF

  • Water Repellency / Oil Resistance

    Compare with glass-based coat with fluorine polymer, Hi-MOHS COAT high purity fluorine (Fusso) ingredient forms a smooth layer, achieves water and oil repellency which incomparable with conventional products. Prevents from the water or oily dirt, keep the beautiful car body for a long period.

  • Water Repellency just after Applying

High Scratch Prevention Performance SCRATCH PROOF

Hi-MOHS COAT achieved amazing Mohs hardness 7,
unleash the amazing protection of function ability.

  • Durability Test (1):
    Detergency Prevention

    Use a washing test machine to apply following number of polishing with car wash sponge soaked compound in shampoo. Conventional water repellent coat decreases water drops contact angle by repeated washing, but Hi-MOHS COAT does not decrease largely, brought out high excellent durability comparing with conventional water repellent coat.

  • Surface Condition after Test (X400 times)

    Durability Test (2) :
    Scratch Prevention

    Rub 500 times each by attached micro fiber cloth with washing test machine.
    Hi-MOHS COAT founds few scratch, it proves to be superior to anti-scratch performance.

Anti Fouling Performance Prevents the Dirt for Long Term ANTI-POLLUTION

Anti Fouling Performance which Prevents the Dirt for Long Term. Only wash with water as daily maintenance. It easily removes dirt.

  • *Apply coating on right half and scribble with oily pen, afterwards remove with alcohol.

    Anti-Foul Test (1) :
    Oily Pen Pollution

    Hardly remain oily dirt adhesion, can remove it easily

    Apply coating treatment each right half, scribble with oily pen, afterwards remove with alcohol.
    Hi-MOHS COAT performs high oil resistance also repelling oily pen, hardly remain oily dirt adhesion, can remove it easily.

  • *Apply coating on right half and attach test carbon dust. Afterwards wash with water several times.

    Anti-fouling Test (2) :
    Carbon Pollution

    Easily removable without adhering dust

    Apply coating treatment each right half and adhered carbon dust for experiment, afterwards wash with water with car washing sponge repeating several times. Hi-MOHS COAT hardly remains dust residue, can remove it easily.