Real Glass Coat - Class H


1.Only Wash with Water in Daily Maintenance!

Vehicles coated with Real Glass Coat - Class H should be regularly washed with water to rinse away dirt and maintain the coating effect for as long as possible.

Pour the water to get rid of dirt such as dust by shower. Lightly rub with car wash sponge.
If you leave water drops after getting wet with rain or car wash, smear will be occurred. Wipe off with Absorbent Shammy Towel (or soft towel) firmly.

2.Restore Water Sheeting Performance by Maintenance Liquid!

If the performance would be weaken, use Maintenance Liquid and Exclusive Cloth after wash with shampoo.
Easily remove dirt and wipe off when you maintain drainage performance.

Spray liquid 50cm square for one shot on wet body after car wash, then wipe off with exclusive cloth. *Apply by each panel.

3.Adhered Dirt cannot Remove with Water

In case of adhering dirt cannot remove with water such as bird dropping, sap, dead bug, tar and oily stain, use maintenance shampoo. Prevent coating layer from damage by removing dirt quickly. Also reduce iron powder adhesion which causes the body unevenness.

Bird Dropping, Sap, Dead Bugs, Pitch and Tar
Soak the sponge well, pour moderate amount of shampoo and make the bubble.
Wash with bubble softly. After washing, rinse off with the water firmly and wipe off as step 1,2.
In case of dirt and smear which maintenance shampoo cannot remove, proceed to step 4,5.

4.Dirt cannot remove with shampoo

Pollen, Yellow Sand
In case of adhering hardened bird dropping, sap, dead bug, tar, pollen, yellow sand and so on, put the wet towel, pour boiling water (more than 80℃) on the towel and well penetrated.
Warm by dryer 5-10 min to keep the high temperature. After getting rid of towel, wash with maintenance shampoo again.

In case of applying difficulity or cannot detamine the condition, please inquiry to detailing shop.
*Beware of getting burned when applying.

5.Adhere smear or stubborn dirt

Stubborn dirt which cannot remove with shampoo or smear which occurred onto Real Glass Coat, use "New Maintenance Cleaner" partially.*Wash the car in advance.

Soaked application surface with water enough, afterwards put the liquid agent onto sponge, apply to smear and dirty parts. If it is difficult to remove, rub it slightly strong.
Put liquid agent directly for adhered bird dropping, sap, dead bug, rub it off with sponge after soaking approximately 5-10 min.
Wash with water when the application surface is getting white. Afterwards use Maintenance Liquid and wipe off with exclusive cloth same as 2.

* Besure to wipe of water after car wash or rain, otherwise some components in the water may remain and become white.

* Do not use wax in shampoo, scratch remover, abrasive component, wax containing organic solvent and coating agent may damage coating layer.

* In case of repairing by bodywork or re-painting, inquiry the detailing shop where you have applied coating before.