Real Glass Coat Gloss Type

With Real Performance to match the name

With Real Performance to match the name, an advanced coating system is rebor


Coatings systems for uncompromising professionals, made by uncompromising professionals. Our scientists work to the limits of theory to evolve the technology and give you the Real thing.

Real Glass Coat - Class H

Prevent stains and waterspots with the incredible Hydrosheeting ability

Excellent hardness and durability not only protect the paint, but also help keep it beautifully clean! Real protection.

Unique Hydrosheeting ability DRAINAGE PERFORMANCE

By efficiently sheeting water from the car body, Real Glass Coat - Class H helps prevent water spots and staining, as well as much the vehicle much easier to clean.

Standard water-beading coating,Real Glass Coat - Class H

Self-cleaning properties reduce need for washing ANTI-FOULING

Dirt and dust flow off the body as the water sheets off, keeping the surface in a clean condition for longer. Less washing means less deterioration of the gloss finish.

Outdoor exposure test after 3 months

Real Glass Coat - Class H,Untreated surface,Coating A、Coating b

Excellent abrasion resistance SCRATCH PROOF

Scratch-resistance test. A hog-hair brush is set into the JIS-standard machine, and brushed against the surface 50 times. Reflectivity at 20° is measured before and after. Real Glass Coat - Class H boasts excellent hardness, for improved scratch-resistance.

  • Conventional product

    Conventional product

    Conventional product

    With a change in gloss of 4.9 points, twice that of the surface coated with Class H, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

  • リアルガラスコート classH

    Real Glass Coat - Class H

    Real Glass Coat - Class H

    Change in gloss of 2.7 points shows excellent scratch-resistance.

Excellent durability maintains repellency over extended periods. WEATHER RESISTANCE

Real Glass Coat - Class H starts off beading slightly, but then settles to a highly stable sheeting effect. This test shows no major change after 1 year of simulated weathering (1800 hours in JIS accelerated weathering machine).

キセノンアーク灯 促進耐候性テス(JIS-K2396)

Xenon arc lamp accelerated weathering test

This test examines the change in gloss at regular intervals over a course of artificial accelerated weather conditions, simulating the effects of sunlight, rain, humidity, etc. Real Glass Coat Class H maintains its gloss and sheeting properties even over long-term exposure to the elements.

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