Comfort Guard


A full interior coating system, using the most advanced chemical technology to enhance and protect your beautiful interior.

The first full interior coating system from G'ZOX!
The professional-grade formulation combines anti-odour, antibacterial, and antiviral effects for uncompromising functionality. All this creates an even more comfortable environment, for an even more satisfying driving experience.

Tough, photocatalytic coating PHOTOCATALYSIS

The ceiling and floor mat coatings have excellent deodorant, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects thanks to a durable and transparent photocatalytic nanostructure, improving cleanliness and comfort of the interior of the car.

  • High-dispersion photocatalytic coating

    The newly developed binding medium disperses the photocatalytic particles evenly across the surface and bonds them securely to create an even, transparent layer.

    High-dispersion photocatalytic coating
  • Deodorizing effect

    The photocatalyst particles use the power of light to break down smelly particles and other contaminants, preventing a build of odours.

    Deodorizing effect
  • Antibacterial effect test

    The reduction in bacteria (gram-positive and -negative) was tested against a blank according to JIS R 1756, confirming a 99.9%+ reduction in bacteria.

    Testing institution: KISTEC
    Test standard: JIS R 1752:2013


    These data were obtained in a test environment, and may be different in real-world applications.

  • Antiviral effect test

    Using the KISTEC method based on ISO 18184, JIS R 1706, and JIS R 1756, the antiviral effect was tested against 3 types of viruses.

    Testing institution
     Virus A: JFRL
     Virus B&C: KISTEC
    Test standard: JIS R 1752:2013
     Virus A: JIS R 1756:2013
     Virus B&C: KISTEC method (ISO 18184/JIS R 1706/JIS R 1756)

    Antiviral effect test

    These data were obtained in a test environment, and may be different in real-world applications.

Keeps the surface clean DIRT-REPELLENT

Seats are particularly susceptible to getting dirty, so we have developed durable dirt-repellent coatings for both fabric and leather seats.

  • Leather Coating

    This coating protects leather without affecting the colour or feel of the material, keeping it looking and feeling great. An anti-slip component is added for an even more comfortable driving experience.

    Reduced colour transfer, with easy removal of smudges.

  • Fabric coating

    This coating creates a hydrophobic layer on the fabric, repelling sweat, spillages, and other causes of dirt, preventing them from staining the seat. This keeps them looking and feeling fresh and comfortable for longer.

    Apart from water, the coating also repels coffee, juice, etc. to prevent staining. Just wipe down. This prevents the leading causes of bacteria and smells.