A new world of quality.

Our multi-award-winning flagship coating Hi-MOHS COAT debuted in 2009, and now the time has come for a complete renewel to integrate the latest in coating technology. Two new dual-layer coatings have been born, boasting the most impressive properties in the history of G'ZOX.

An ultra hard glass layer boasting 8 on the Mohs scale defines a new era with its powerful,
durable hydrophobicity, and dizzyingly deep gloss.


A two layer coating with Mohs hardness 8 preserves beautiful shine with the most durable and powerful hydrophobicity in the G'ZOX range. A new world of hydrophobic technology: Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge.

The very latest in chemical technology: instant repellency

Dual-layer hydrophobic glass coating

The Base Coat makes use of a powerful polymerisation process to create an ultra hard, highly durable glass barrier. This creates powerful bonds to support the Top Coat, enabling incredible durability for a layer of highly reactive siloxane crystal that provides incredible gloss and hydrophobicity.

The most powerful hydrophobic coating from G'ZOX

The newly developed Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge Top Coat uses highly reactive siloxanes to create a slippery, smooth, incredibly hydrophobic layer. By repelling dirt, it protects the paint and keeps the vehicle looking beautiful.

Conventional product


Long-lasting anti-fouling effect

By combining slipperiness with a powerful barrier effect, Hi-MOHS Coat The Edge demonstrates incredible dirt-repellency. Not only does it prevent most dust and dirt from remaining on the surface, anything that does remain is easily removed by simply washing with water.



After applying cotton dust, the right side of the test plate is wiped with a duster.

Also withstands alkali-based shampoos

Resistance to alkali-based shampoos also contributes to the excellent durability of The Edge.


Washing durability test

The washing test machine wipes an alkali shampoo with a sponge, back and forth across the surface. Even after 3,000 cycles, Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge retains its incredible smoothness and consistent hydrophobicity.

Data are representative values.

Superb durability in harsh environments

Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge is highly resistant to heat and humidity. Even in hot, humid conditions it retains its hydrophobic and anti-fouling properties, making maintenance a simple matter - just wash with water.

Xenon arc lamp accelerated weathering test (JIS-K2396)

Xenon arc lamp accelerated weathering test (JIS-K2396)

Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge is highly resistant to heat and humidity. Tested according to JIS standards to withstand at least 1 year (1800h of testing) of outside exposure to the elements.

Data are representative values.