Outstanding Water Sheeting Performance beyond Hydrophilic

Water sheeting effect rinse off dirt on surface and prevent from water stain adhesion by chemical reaction between super harden glassy compoment and special silicone.

"HYDRO FINISH" adds weak water repellency onto hydrophilic layer,
it achieves quick water sheeting performance which conventional hydrophilic coating cannot.

Just after Pouring Water
After 45 Seconds

Excellent Water Sheeting Effect Prevents Water Stain Adhesion DRAINAGE PERFORMANCE

Prevent water spot occurring in water drops drying, water stain and dirt adhesion because water is hard to remain onto the body.
Of course reduce to take time for wiping after car wash.

Drainage Performance Evidence Test

Water on hood receded quickly.

High Weather Resistance Durable Hydrophilic Condition for a Long Period WEATHER RESISTANCE

Weather meter machine creates environmental factor which damages coating by artificially.
A vertical axis is an attaching angle which shows the degree of repelling water,
a horizontal one is time axis indicates 150 hours coating correspond to approximately 1 month by outdoor exposure.
"Hydro Finish" shows high value at first, afterwards still brings out high weather resistance
as keep same hydrophobic condition even 1800 hours have passed that correspond to 1 year.

Accelerated Weathering Test Result

Less Frequent in Car Wash by Anti-Foul Effect ANTI-FOULING

Lasts good body condition for a long period in order to rinse off dirt and dust together with rain.
Become less frequent in car wash.

Outside Exposure Test Passed 3 Months

Comparison photos among HYDRO FINISH, Glass Coat A and Glass Coat B which exposed outside 3 months.