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Durable water repellent coat for windshield, achieves long lasting water repellent power never before. Adjust undercoat by polishing agent for adjusting windshield condition and adhesive stability agent, then coat with water repelling agent which has higher stability than conventional fluorine-based products, can get clear visibility for a long period.

  • Glass Polishing Agent 125ml
  • Adhesive Stability Agent 125ml
  • Water Repellent Agent 8ml 10bottles
  • Glass Polishing Sponge
  • Exclusive Non-Woven Fabric 30sheets
  • Sponge for Water Repellent Agent 2pcs
  • Exclusive Wiping Cloth 2sheets

Water Repellent Agent
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Durable water repellent system for windshield, produces long lasting water repellent power never before.
Newly developed water repellent agent achieves 400 thousands times wiper operation test*, which is higher adhesion than conventional durable fluorine coating.
*Test by SOFT99
*Glass abrasive, stabilizer, wipe cloth are not included in this item.

  • Water Repellent Agent 8ml 5pc
  • Exclusive Non-Woven Fabric 15sheets
  • Applicator Sponge 1pc

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Adhesive Stability Agent 360ml

Base treatment agent use after removing oily firm, which is effective when there are deposit which cannot remove. We adopt Isopropyl Alcohol as high oily removal effect.

  • Adhesive Stability Agent 360ml
  • Inner hole cap