Hyper View

Excellent Durability, Provides Clear Visibility

Excellent water repellency and durability fluorine (Fusso) coating for windshield,
which achieves precise and flat layer.

"Hyper View" has well fixability, which can prevent from oil or dirt.
Keep the windshield clean and provide clear visibility for a long period.

Water Beading Performance WATER REPELLENCY

  • Water Repellency Test for Windshield

    Adhesion performance is higher than conventional fluorine glass-based water repellent agent, prevents from oil and dirt.
    Keep windshild surface clean and clear visibility for a long period.

  • "FIXABILITY" is The Biggest Difference

    Conventional product ocuurs unstable spot on windshield because chemical reaction is slow. Meanwhile Hyper View chemical reaction is quick and stable fixability, it makes water repellent ingredient tightly and evenly adhere on to windshield.

Tremendous Weather Resistance Durable 400 Thousands Times WEATHER RESISTANCE

  • Water Repellent Durability Evaruation by Weathering Test Machine

    As for conventional attached angle become an obtuse as time goes by, though Hyper View keeps attached angle as over 90 degrees for long time.

  • Abrasion Resistance Evaluation by Washing Machine

    Apply 470g load onto polishing sponge with 10 times diluted compound. Buff on test piece prescribed number of times by washing machine. Hyper View keeps well condition after 600 times rubbing.

    Before Test
    After 600 Times Rubbing
  • Wiper Resistance Test by Washing Machine (400 thousand times)

    Attach graphite wiper, cutting 10cm each to washing machine. Afterwards apply 150g load, pour water on test piece and prescribed number of times. Hyper View keeps over 80 degrees attached angle even after 400 thousand times.