New Real Glass Coat

Inexperienced Water Repellency and Transparent Shine

Glass based coating creates transparency gloss as if it looks crystal glass,
and tremendous water repellency.

"New Real Glass Coat" adds high level water repellency into glass based layer.
It produces excellent durability and water repellency by hard glassy layer.

Have not existed this water repellent performance in conventional coating agent never before. WATER PROOF

Water repellent performance not only bead the rain but also protect from acid rain or water stain.

WEATHER RESISTANCE Protect from bad effect of environment such as acid rain and UV rays.
ANTI-FOULING Does not adhere stain, fall along with rinsing in water easily.
ADHESION Adhere tightly to painting, lasts coating performance for a long period.
HEAT RESISTANCE Protective film will not be affected by the thermal softening, can effectively protect the paint.
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Prevent paint from deterioration which contains harmful ingredient such as exhaust gas and so on.
HARDNESS Strong hard layer has scratch prevention effect from dirt and dust.
SHINE Produce glassy layer its own beautiful shine as if it looks brilliant.
GLOSS Achieve thick, clear layer, the breathtaking deep high quality gloss.

Excellent Weather Resistance, Durable Water Repellency WEATHER RESISTANCE

Strong against temperature change.
The layer doesn't adhere dirt because not to be soften in high temperature.

  • Test Data

    Xenon Arc Lamp (JIS-K2396)

    Test coating durability under Japan Industrial Standard.

  • Outside Exposure Test (After 5 Months)

    Conventional coating and fluorine coating are seldom identified though, G'ZOX New Real Glass Coat confirms strong repellent efficiency.

Original Layer Performance Prevents Layer Gets Soften LAYER PERFORMANCE

Thick hard layer doesn't become soften in high temperature which makes easily remove stain by water car wash.

  • Conventional Coat (Resin-Based Layer)

    Penetrate dirt into film when the temperature is high.

    Easily adhere oily dirt by static electricity. Thus, residue remains onto the surface after dried by water drops which contained stain such as dust.

  • New Real Glass Coat (Glass Based Layer)

    Prevent oily dirt, can easily remove with water. Also it doesn't damage the paint surface by acid rain and keep shininess for long period, also reduce for maintaining your car.


Scratch resistance test for coating layer,
the test data shows "New Real Glass Coat" has high scratch prevention performance.

  • Conventional

    Glossiness changes 4.9. Compare with New Real Glass Coat, it is visible the scratch by eye checking.

  • New Real Glass Coat

    Glossiness changes 2.5, less difference shows high scratch prevention performance.